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8 Ways to be more Positive and have that Glass Half Full Mindset

This little thing called life is tough..

Being positive can be difficult at times especially when we are programmed to see the worst in most situations. I’ll be honest, Life can be a bitch. I won’t sugar coat it for you guys as its the truth. There are so many areas in your life that can be great but there are also some that leave you feeling really unaccomplished.

Maybe you’re in a job you hate or maybe you can’t shed those extra pounds to get the body you want and dream of. Or maybe your relationships feel like they are taking a turn for the worse. Whether that be Friends, family or partners. I feel you, i do! We’ve all been there at some point and its pretty shit.

Life can be tough and how you perceive what happens in your life can have a huge impact on you emotionally. We’re all guilty of moaning and complaining about how things aren’t going as planned and how we are failing to change certain things in our life. And more often than not we fall into this unhappiness trap on a daily basis. Well some of us even do this numerous times throughout the day. Why? Because as a society we have been so desensitised to complaining that it becomes a constant in our life without us even realising.

Complaining breeds negativity. That negativity seeps in to every thought and feeling we have. It can leave you feeling out of sorts and pretty shitty. And the sad fact is we very rarely realise we have done this to ourselves.

Now I don’t want any of you beating yourself up. As human beings we do that enough on a daily basis and we shouldn’t. Its not healthy and it’s not your fault. There is so much going on in life that it’s easy to slip into that negative pattern when something doesn’t go your way. It makes us human. And unfortunately negativity is a disease.

Negative Thoughts attract more Negative Thoughts

Negativity is like cancer, once it takes hold it doesn’t take long to spread and infect other areas of our life. Soon enough you feel like your glass is half empty. Always looking at what you don’t have rather than being grateful for what you do. You feel like an ugly person for not being grateful enough, especially as alot of people do have it worse. 

See thats the thing with negative thoughts. They multiply. For every positive thought we have there are hundreds of negative ones. Have you noticed when something goes wrong in the morning, everything feels like its spiralling out of control? Maybe you stub your toe in the morning, it hurts and it makes you angry, questioning how you could be so careless. Then when brushing your teeth you accidentally spill toothpaste on your top just before going out the house (this is definitely me, don’t ask, my gob is big enough and i still manage it). Then theres traffic everywhere which in turn makes you late for work or your train. The list goes on and on. But why? Because negative feelings attract more of the same, yep you guessed it… negative feelings. It’s not coincidental its actually down to your mindset.

Have you noticed that those people who get what they want in life, whether thats success or a banging body, are always upbeat and happy. You don’t get those negative vibes from these people. They have an unwavering faith and confidence in everything they do or set out to do. That isn’t a coincidence or chance. The truth is When you change your thoughts, you change your world. And there is so much power to positive thoughts. Why not start benefiting from them when they are yours to claim.

Start thinking positive

Now cultivating a positive mindset and putting that in to practice is easier said than done. Its a tough act to follow when your mind is full of negative feelings that you have mastered over your life time. But its the best thing you can do to break free and start living life as glass half full kind of person. So how do you become more positive and change the outcome of your life? Here are 8 steps to get you back on track and living your best life:

1. Wake up in the morning and tell yourself today is going to be a good day.

Cosy Bed

Now this is going to sound really silly as its such a simple thing to do and you’re probably thinking “but Amy its really not that easy”. I agree it isn’t but bare with me for a second and hear me out.

Ultimately you have the power to take charge of your day and make it the best it can be. Even if your day doesn’t start off as planned it doesn’t have to continue that way. You are the master of your life. Positivity creates opportunity and pessimism kill it. Don’t be that person. Take the chance to create opportunity in your day.

Even if you know you are probably going to have a hard day at work because it’s crazy busy. Don’t let it get the better of you. Choose to accept today will be hard but react to the situation and move on from it in a productive way. They key is taking a step back and not letting it overwhelm you by finding positive solutions to the problem. Life will challenge your tenacity from time to time, thats just part of life. If it was easy it would be boring. It’s how you handle that challenge that either makes or breaks your mindset and outlook on the rest of your day.

Create an opportunity to feel better about the situation. Maybe its organising and prioritising your day to make it that little bit easier. By knowing you have specific tasks to do and taking time to write them down it feels a little less chaotic. Then when you tick those tasks off your list it will feel like a weight is lifted and you will feel so much more fulfilled. Chances are you approach the situation differently when we remain positive. And when the day is over go do something you enjoy. It will do wonders for how you feel at the end of those hard days.

2. Change your perspective and rewrite your negativity.

Rewrite Negativity

Now if you’ve always been a glass half empty sort of person its hard to think positive when you’re in a negative thought process. That negative thought process is normal for us pessimists and its been ingrained into us after many years of thinking this way.

It does take alot of mindfulness and also willingness to make the change. The first thing to do is catch yourself when a negative thought pops up. Maybe you don’t want it to rain today because you forgot your umbrella and it will ruin your gorgeous hair that you spent ages perfecting. Blood, sweat and tears to look like a drowned rat. In your head all you are thinking is “Its going to rain and its going to ruin my hair” or “I don’t want it to rain because it will ruin my hair”. By thinking it’s going to rain, the chances are it probably will when you are out in the elements because that is the message you are sending out. Who doesn’t dislike a miserable, dreary rainy day. You need to make a change to that thought process.

Now I’m going to go all law of attraction on you right now by saying what you think about you bring about but it really is true. Every thought you have does have an impact on the vibe you send the world. And the Universe does give us what we ask for. You don’t want rain, all the universe hears is rain. So what are you going to get? Yes you guessed it lovelies…Rain. So start sending out a better message.

Catch the thought when you think of it and zone in on it. Then flip it by thinking about it from an opposite and more positive angle. Instead of thinking what you don’t want, think of what you do want. If you don’t want rain then you’re probably going to want some sun instead. So think the Sun will come out and it will remain a beautiful dry and bright day. You need to think of what you want rather than what you don’t want. It sounds stupid and like it won’t work and i get that. It took me a while but by switching your thinking it also changes how we feel about the situation. How we think and feel determines how we behave. 

3. Do something everyday that makes you happy.

Be Happy

One of the most important things to do to become a glass half full type of person is to do actually do things that you enjoy.

Yes unless you’re in a job you love, working can be pretty unenjoyable at times and leave you feeling pretty unfulfilled. But if we engage in activities that bring us a sense of comfort and happiness, then it can really lift our spirits and make us feel a little bit more positive. We are all guilty of letting life get in the way and sacrificing our “me time” when we feel overwhelmed. It is just human nature but it shouldn’t be.

Self care is incredibly important for you mental health. Sometimes you do need to say to yourself, ok todays been shitty, i need to chill out. Maybe it’s coming home from work after a long day and binge watching Gossip Girl on Netflix with a glass of pinot (yep thats a bit of me). You could love painting or swimming or cooking up some carb-tastic goodies. Or maybe you just enjoy having a long hot bath and reading your favourite book. Whatever you choose make sure its something that you love. If it’s not try something different and see how you feel. For me i love getting home and writing my next blog posts or getting involved in the blogging community. I find its helped me mentally as its an outlet and escape from my long days at work. Find your Happy.

4. Look how far you’ve come

How far you've come

When we’re feeling negative its usually because we’re looking at the things we haven’t done or achieved yet. Especially when we are surrounded by people accomplishing all those things that we want. Maybe like me you’ve been saving to buy a house. You’re putting so much work into getting a deposit together at the expense of your social life and you’re still not there yet. Try stopping for a second and looking at your past successes and how far you’ve come.

The truth of the matter is, noone is going to save enough money to get a mortgage overnight (well unless you’re a stockbroker and earning ridiculous dollar). But you’re on your way and that is a feat in itself. You are making progress to where you want to be and it’s only a matter of time before that dream is a reality. Yes you may not have the house yet but there will be so many amazing things you’ve already achieved.

You’ve got a great job and your earning a decent salary. That salary is enabling you to save enough money every month to still live your life and to get your house one day soon. Maybe you’ve lost 20lbs over the past 5 years or you’ve travelled to some of the most incredible places in world and experienced things people only dream about.

Despite all the problems life throws at you, remember you are moving forward even if its baby steps. You are not where you used to be and those experiences have made you the person you are today. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Looking at past successes and positive experiences can help shift a negative mindset and remind us that overall, the good outweighs the bad.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Be Different and don't compare

Now this is by far one of the hardest changes to make. Especially as we are more aware than ever of what other people are doing thanks to social media. Maybe your friend gets a raise, buys a bigger house, gets a better car or has really loved up relationship. Don’t sit and think how you don’t have those things. This isn’t about you. Everyone takes different paths in life and how things work out is different for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you have a Rolex or a Michael Kors watch, ultimately they both tell the same time.

Everyone does things or gets to certain points in their life at different times. Just because right now you don’t have that doesn’t make you any less valuable or means you will never improve. You’re just not there yet because it’s not your time. So for now be happy for them. Maybe there is something you have that they don’t and would love to have. There is something empowering about being able to accept and be happy for someone’s achievements and usually we fare worse by being negative.

6. Imagine the worst case scenario.

Girl Thinking

When you have a negative thought or you’re worrying about something. Rather than dwelling on it ask yourself what is the worst that could happen? Can i survive that outcome? Chances are you can survive the worst outcome and it is never be as bad as you think.

By accepting the worst in a situation this will help us lighten up and let go of the doom & gloom we are feeling at that particular moment in time. By knowing you can deal with with the worst outcome of each scenario you are eliminating the fear. And did you know fear is the root cause of those negative feelings? No i didn’t either until i started to change my mindset. And even if that worst case scenario does come to fruition then you are equipped to deal with it and move on from a better place.

7. Ask a friend.

People who feel like sunshine

Think of the most positive person you know. Maybe its your best friend or maybe its even your Grandad (mine is). It’s that person who has such a great outlook on life, no matter what shit life throws at them they always manage to find that silver lining.

Have you found that person? Good well from now on they are the devil on your shoulder. And they will be playing devils advocate with everything you do.

For everything negative thought you have, i want you to think of this person and ask yourself what would they do? Take a minute to think about it, like really think about it. Chances are they are going to have a completely different perception to the situation than you have right now.

Say for example you went on a date with someone and you thought it went great but that person wasn’t feeling it. You get let down and you never hear from them again. It hurts and you start to question if you are attractive enough, funny enough or even skinny enough. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

It does make you feel unattractive and unloveable. But what would your positive influence do; Would they be upset? To begin with probably. Would they dwell on it? Probably not. Yes they would be upset at first but you wouldn’t catch them crying into a tub of Ben & jerry’s a week later. Nope instead they would be holding their head high and saying “I know its not me that wasn’t good enough, it was them. That person just wasn’t right for me. But everything happens for a reason and yes it didn’t work out which is a shame. But i know that’s because something better is going to come along”.

Chances are these people see every opportunity in their setbacks. And we should all try to do the same. Step into their shoes and see the changes happen.

8. Before you go to bed write down what you are grateful for.


Yep you heard me right. When you’re all cosy from your bath and ready to jump into bed. Take 15 mins to write down 5-10 things that you are thankful for. It can seem like a task but once you start writing down all the good things, the positive feelings will continue to flow.

Now It doesn’t have to be huge things, just the little things that are often overlooked. Do some soul searching and look at the positives. Maybe you’re grateful you have a job. Having a job pays your bills and give you the ability to do or have what you want (within reason). Yes it might be shit but until you can change that, don’t forget all the good stuff that is so easily overlooked. And remember if you don’t like something, then you can always change it.

Be the change you want to see.

Be the change

There are so many ways that can help change your outlook on life to a more positive one. Those people i spoke about earlier that get what they want in life and are always upbeat and happy, that really could be you, if you change your mindset.

Now you don’t have to try all of these, maybe there are some that resonate with you more than others. But even if you try to do just one it can really have an impact on your life. Seeking out small positives in everyday life can have an incredible effect on how you view your surroundings and change your life for the better. So go on give it a go and let me know in the comments below.

Amy xo

If you’re looking for more inspiration and want to set some goal for 2019, then go check out my post on my Not so New Years Resolutions. Just because January has passed doesn’t mean you can’t set some goals that will be achievable by time 2020 rolls around.


      • Emily

        Wow Amy this is an amazingly helpful post! I’ve been a pessimist my whole life so I’m trying to incorporate new ways of thinking to be more positive, love the watch analogy 😊

        • Amy Lauren

          Thanks for your kind words hun :). If it can help anyone, that makes me happy. Aw i feel you about the pessimism, i have been there too. It’s tough it really is but you will get there hun. It takes time and persistent. We all have our down days still, we’re only human after all. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this 🙂

  • Piper Hill

    Such a lovely post to read on a gloomy morning, so thank you for sharing! I’m a lot like you and definitely find a lot of joy and fulfilment in the blogging community and writing in general. I also used to keep a gratitude diary but after a while I found it actually benefited me more to just write morning pages which basically consists of me ranting/writing what I’m thankful for/literally anything. This helped me to simply get everything out of my head onto paper in the morning so that I could start the day with a clear head. Lovely read 🙂

    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks hun for your kind words :). The blogging community is so great isn’t it, everyone is so lovely it does help you remain positive in such a comparison based environment. Thats so good about your gratitude journal and how it morphed into your morning pages. Such a fantastic thing idea and i can imagine it is so helpful, i think we all need to do something like that. Starting the day with a clear head can only be a good thing for our mental health and confidence. Thanks for taking the time to read it 🙂

  • Lucy

    I’m quite a positive person, but I still have my negative days and my head gets filled with negative thoughts. But there’s no point in being miserable, it gets you nowhere in life, you might as well be happy and think positively! Great post! xx

    Lucy |

    • Amy Lauren

      I totally feel you hun, i definitely like you have negative days when the thoughts can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to shake. There really is no point in being miserable its unnecessary worry isn’t it. Much better spent being happy and full of positivity. It can be hard but i think if we all slow down and put ourselves first then it will do wonders. Thanks for taking the time to read my post 🙂

  • Vanessa

    I absolutely love your article. It’s so important to have a positive frame of mind when going through life. These days, the negative’s seem to outweigh the positives, sadly. People get wrapped up with their daily stresses and just forget to truly appreciate all the positives.

    I agree that comparing ourselves to others is the hardest thing to change since life seems to be one big popularity contest. Everybody is racing the be the best when in fact, all they are doing is destroying themselves. Envy is one of the biggest killers. There’s a reason why it’s one of the 7 deadly sins!

    Thanks for your post! I truly loved it!

    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks so much for your kind words hun. It definitely is one of the most important things you can do through life but it can be difficult, we all have down days. Like you say the negatives do outweigh the positives and its so sad its how things are in society. Life does make things tough. Definitely it is like a big popularity contest, you are so right though it does destroy people and their self esteem which is the saddest thing. Comparison is evil and so is envy. If we all try and be positive hopefully some of us can be saved from our own destruction or we can try. Thank you so much for taking the time to read it 🙂

    • Amy Lauren

      Thank so much hun, thats so kind of you. Definitely life can be a bitch but its definitely how we react to it and behave that defines us. Hopefully these tips help at least one person to become more positive. I’ve struggled so much over the years and sometimes you just need a moment to realise before you can change. Its difficult but doable. Thanks so much for taking the time to read 🙂

  • Jess

    I’m definitely a ‘glass half empty’ type of person, I always seem to find the negatives in every situation so I really needed to see this post! I’ve seen a lot of people talk about writing down things they’re grateful for so I’ll have to try that!

    Jess //

    • Amy Lauren

      I’m totally with you there hun, i have been a glass half empty type before and i sometimes can be now. I think society has pushed so much comparison and negativity on us its really hard to get out of. Definitely writing down what you’re grateful can be such a big help. There are so many things that are small that are overlooked it can really make you feel positive you have alot of good in your life. You’ll get there hun, i promise just take time. Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks hun. Definitely writing down what you’re grateful can be such an empowering thing that lifts your spirits.. There are so many things that are small that are so often overlooked and it can really make you feel positive when you realise you have alot of good in your life. Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

  • Sophie Wentworth

    This is such an amazing post. I used to be really negative but think I’m more neutral now. Definitely not the best at thinking positively but I’ve improved. Mindset really can change everything, it’s amazing how much thinking positively can make things better. I always imagine the worst scenario then try to imagine how likely that scenario is to make my outlook more national x


    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks for your kind words hun. Aw well done you, thats amazing how far you have already come. I’m exactly the same i used to be so negative and i like to think that i’m better now than i was. I think once you start to catch the negative thoughts and try to be more positive it really does rub off on you overall and you do start to feel better about thing. Thats so good what you’re doing as it is so hard to do. But you keep going girl, you’ve got this. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this 🙂

  • Sophie Jackson

    I love this. What a truly inspiring post. I try and add a little positivity to each day as it comes, whether this is celebrations if I’ve completed small goals, been to the gym when I didn’t want to go or looked at myself in the mirror and thought something positive instead of negative.

    Keep inspiring lovely! X

    Sophie |

    • Amy Lauren

      Aw thankyou hun, i hope its inspires others thats the aim. Wow that is such a good idea. Rewarding yourself for all your little achievements and milestones is genius. I can imagine that proper motivates you to keep going and makes you feel so good to know you’re moving forward. An amazing way to stay positive. Go you! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this 🙂

  • Gabby

    This was an incredible read! All of these tips are spot on. I really liked the analogy that you used of negativity being like cancer – it spreads & infects the other areas in our life. I never thought of it like that before!!!! So important. I’ve been trying to incorporate some of these tips in my life – but I will def try to follow the ones I have left. Thanks for sharing!

    Gabby |

    • Amy Lauren

      Thankyou hun, really kind of you. I’m glad some of them resonated with you :). It really is like cancer, that was literally the thing that come to mind, just how horrible and destructive it is, negativity can be just as bad, just not life threatening. Thats amazing that you are trying to implement some of these. You’ve got this, i know it. Keep going girl, you’ll get there. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this 🙂

  • Lena Dee

    Such a lovely post to read! i love people with this type of energy, it’s simply radiating! So much so I had to pin this to my Daily inspiration board on Pinterest!! 😀 I know some days can be so hard so it’s always nice to have a little reminder that perspective is key. I actually do number 6 a lot to settle my nerves and I try to sty away from the comparison game for sure.

    xx Lena |

    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks for your kind words hun. Me too, those positive vibes really do radiate off people, when you meet them you can feel it. Who doesn’t want to be positive, its so empowering and its amazing to see the best in everything most of the time. Definitely days can be hard, we just need to remember to step back and change that before it too late. Comparison is so destructive and we do it all for no reason its crazy. Best thing to do is avoid it. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this 🙂

  • Sarah

    A really thoughtful and helpful post. I think “stop comparing yourself to others point” really hit home. I’ve got much better at this and I consciously try and spend as little time as possible on Instagram to try and stop comparing myself to others, but it can be so difficult to escape the negative thoughts. But I feel like since reducing my time on social media, I feel much better about myself and don’t worry anywhere near as much about my appearance. I think this is a lovely post and I hope it manages to reach a lot of people! x

    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks hun. Instagram really is like on of the 7 deadly sins when it comes to comparisons. I totally get you though, comparing yourself to others really is the most difficult thing to accomplish, i think its something we will try to stamp out throughout our lives. Thats soo good that you’ve tried to reduce social media time though and that it is helping. Social media is difficult because you never know whats real or not. Especially with appearances there are so many influencers/models that have had work done on their looks and they deny it, it sets up an unrealistic expectation for women. Its awful. Glad you’ve managed to get yourself out of the trap though hun. Keep going you’ve got this. Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂

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