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9 Reasons you should celebrate your Mum this Mother’s Day

The Day of Mum

Sunday 31st March 2019, Mothers Day. Well if you live in the UK that is. Wherever you are in world at some point throughout the year you will celebrate Mothers Day. It doesn’t matter who you are, the colour of your skin, the religion you follow or who you choose to love, Mother’s Day is universal and inclusive of everyone. In a world that is more divided than every its pretty damn special how we all come together for this day.

It’s the day to celebrate the mother figures in our life and how grateful we are to have them. Whether that is your Mum, Nan or another female figure in who has taken on the role of Mum. Those mothers & Grandmothers who are in our lives every single day or those who are loved and lost too soon. Mothers are our first real relationship in the world. From the moment we take our first breath and make our entrance into the world kicking and screaming. This is the relationship that will always matter to us most and we don’t even know it yet. They are one of the first faces we see, they give us our first hug and our first kiss. They are our first love.

They love you from the day you were conceived

From the minute we arrive they shower us with love and make sure our every want and need is met. Our Caregivers, showing us unconditional Love for nothing in return. They were our home for the last 9 months and what we know as home for the rest of our lives. No matter how far apart we end up, they are always our safe place, the person we turn to when things get tough or don’t go as planned.

You could be a on another continent yet when you step into their home and into their arms you know that despite everything, it is all going to be ok. The Distance is negligible when you are together. And for those who unfortunately are no longer with us but are relaxing behind those white pearly gates, the memories bring us a sense of comfort and thankfulness to have had the opportunity to have them impact our lives so greatly.

The Realisation

But it’s not until the roles are reversed and you finally have children of your own. Thats the moment when you suddenly know exactly how they felt and how this tiny little being becomes the most important thing in the entire world. Life as we know completely changes. Finally we start to realise the gravity of everything they have done over our entire lifetimes. The choices they made and the examples they set to keep us to a certain set of values and put us on the right path.

When we are younger we often overlook the sacrifices our Mum’s have made for us. They are always there to guide us through the most trying phase of all, the phase of growing up. From Kidulthood to adulthood they have make a lasting impression on our moral compass and how we choose right from wrong. When we grow up and our hormones kick in, we think they are too protective and will try at all costs to put a stop to our fun. Until we become parents ourselves, we never realise the why in their choices. And the Why’s are so important.

Always show appreciation

Life can get busy and we can find ourselves so wrapped up in what we are doing that we forget to appreciate other. And it’s at these times that we can overlook the importance of our most valuable relationship of all. The one with our mothers. Mother’s Day is a day you get to show your mum (or the mother of your children), Nan or another motherly figure how grateful you are that she is in your life. Don’t waste the opportunity. These opportunities don’t last forever so make sure you appreciate them why you can. Some people would give up everything to spend 10 minutes with their Mum’s who they have lost too soon. Here’s why you should be grateful:

1. She is always there in your time of need.

Day or night whenever you need someone to talk to or just someone to tell you everything will be alright. Your mum is the first person who is there when you are most vulnerable. Whether it’s the breakup of a romantic relationship or you’re just struggling with something in general. She is always there in your time of need. She is the first person you call and will be there no matter what time of day you need her. And the best thing is she will always know what to say or give you that hug that you never knew you needed.

2. She loves you even when you don’t love yourself.

As adults we sometimes go through phases where we can feel pretty low. Maybe something doesn’t work out how we planned. Or you’re just not feeling good about yourself physically or mentally. Whatever it is, it can diminish your self-esteem and we canlose that little bit of love for ourselves. Sometimes we can lose our way and sight of who we are. Regardless of how you are feeling, your Mum will always love you regardless of what is going on in life or how you are feeling. She will always pick you up, show you your worth and make you believe in yourself even at your lowest moments.

3. She accepts you for who you are.

Regardless of what choices you make in life. Your mum will always accept you for who you are. Even if she may not always agree with your choices, you will always be her baby and even though her instinct is to protect you, she knows you need to go it alone and learn on your own. She will always love you regardless of the choices you make. You know will be no judgement. Yes she wasn’t too pleased when you came home from your work Christmas party blind drunk after drinking 100 glasses of cheap Wine But she still rubs your back while you have a conversation with the big white telephone and looks after you the next day,

4. She is selfless.

She always puts you first, doing things to make you happy before she even considers herself. She would go without what she needs to make sure you are looked after and have the best in life. If she was low on funds and had to sacrifice something she needed to get you a birthday present, she would do it. Maybe you didn’t like the dinner she cooked for you, so she would give up her meal and have some toast just to ensure you ate. Mum’s sacrifice so much on a daily basis. Whether it’s their time, lifestyle or money. They would rather see you looked after even if it means giving up their mum luxuries.

5. She supports all your ideas and plans.

No Matter how farfetched or out there your ideas or plans seem, she will be your biggest supporter and be behind you 1,000,000%. If anyone believes you can follow your dreams and succeed, its your mum. That unshakable faith and belief in you will always be on show for everyone to see. Like the time at parents night when she shut down your Dance teacher for saying you would never be the next Beyonce, even though, lets face it, she knew it was true.

You are her greatest achievement and nothing makes her feel happier than seeing you go after something you truly want and watching you succeed. Even if those ideas and plans fall through she always believes in your next big plan and knows you can do it.

6. She is proud of your successes.

Big or small, she is always so proud of everything you have achieved in life. She is your biggest supporter and cheerleader. For all that you have done in life, she couldn’t be more excited with how far you have come. In her eyes you are her greatest achievement and whatever you do proves she got it right. The first time you got a gold star in class for being the smartest or that weird looking painting you gave to her when you were in year 6. To her it’s a masterpiece and in her eyes noone is a perfect as you. She is proud of all that you are.

7. She knows best.

Sometimes she would stop you from doing something that you wanted to do and you felt it was unfair, she was only doing it because she knew what was best for you and she was trying to teach you some important lessons. It was all done out of love. Maybe she didn’t like you hanging out with certain people, your mum is the best judge of character. The likelihood is she saw through that person long before you would and was trying to protect you from getting hurt.

Every decision she ever made was made with you in mind. She will try and protect you until her dying day. When we were younger we liked to disagree with our Mums but there comes a point when you think ‘wait, my Mum was right.’ Basically Mums are always right, well 99% of the time, so there is no surprise that they teach us all of the important things in life. Lifes greatest lessons are taught by our Mum’s.

8. She always listens.

No matter how many times she has heard it all before. She will always be on hand to listen to you all over again and pick up the pieces when things fall apart.. Even if it’s something she doesn’t want to hear or doesn’t think is good for you. She will take time out of her day to hear your struggles and give you the advice and guidance you need. Nothing makes her feel sadder than seeing you hurting. She is your best friend and will be there for you through everything you come up against. Even if you do sound like a broken record and don’t seem to learn from your mistakes. She knows that one day you will listen to her and know everything was done out of love.

9. She knows you better than you know yourself.

She has known you your whole life. Even longer than you have consciously known yourself. She has watched you grow into the person you are today. Every moment you have lived she has experienced it with you. She knows what you love and hate. When you are lost, she knows what will cheer you up and put a smile on your face. Even the smallest things that you sometimes overlook she knows will bring a smile to your face.

Celebrate the women in your life.

There are so many things that our mums do for us over our lifetime that we sometimes don’t realise or appreciate until we are much older. But regardless of when we realise this, we have always known deep down that our mums and Nan’s will always have our back, no matter what.

Regardless of whats going on you can always count on them to be there. It’s a little unfair that mums only get one day of the year where we really celebrate all the great things that they do for us. For Being the best person for a chat, cuddle and advice. We really should be celebrating them everyday. So make sure you spend time making your Mum, Nan or other motherly figure in your life feel just as special as she makes you feel, this Mother’s Day. After all she deserves it.

How are you celebrating this mothers day? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Amy xoxo

Celebrating our Mum’s is so important. But it is also so important that we respect them every single day. Not just our Mum’s and Nan’s but everyone around us. If you haven’t checked out my post on respect you can check it out here. It’s all about Respect and why we need more of it in 2019.


    • Amy Lauren

      Thanks hun :). I totally agree there really is nothing better than your mum. They really do give up so much to make our lives easier and the best they can be. I would totally be lost without my mum too. Thankyou so much for reading, appreciate it ☺️

  • Lauren

    Such a cute and totally true post. I’m so thankful I have a wonderful mom that raised me and hits each of your points above. Not everyone is as lucky!

    • Amy Lauren

      Thankyou honey 🙂 Its so good to be thankful for them, we often forget how much they sacrifice for us to give us the best that can. You sound like you have an amazing mum. We are all very lucky. I do feel for those who have lose theres so much. Thanks for taking the time to read ☺️

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