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5 Independent Businesses who rock their Mouse Ears

Today marks exactly 80 days until Russell & I take our next trip “home” to our happy place that is Orlando, Florida. That time has come where i am continually scouring Youtube for Florida Vlogs just to get me through the next 2 and a half months. And not to mention the most important matter of all:

The hunt for the perfect pair of ears to add to my collection and to wear with total sass on my next trip.

Now I don’t know about you guys but i cannot visit a Disney Park without a set of Mouse Ears on my Head. Its like wearing your very own Disney crown and damn doesn’t it make you feel like a Disney Princess? So to mark the Occasion i thought i’d share 5 of my favourite Independent businesses who make some incredible Mouse Ears for you to rock on your next Disney Trip. Whether thats Orlando, Paris or Cali.

Its a Magical Place

Orlando is the trip of a lifetime and I say that but as Pringles keep telling me: Once you pop, you can’t stop. And the same is true with Disney. You get home and start to suffer from those horrible Disney blues. The next thing you know you’re going back in 2019, 2020 and 2021 to experience the magic all over again.

Florida is a wondrous place. There are so many things to see and do but its also home to some of the most amazing parks in the world. And the best thing is they are all in one place for you to enjoy. Universal, Busch Gardens, Seaworld and last but by no means least….Disney! I will be doing some more posts over the next couple of months about each of these parks so keep an ear out (see what i did there) for these.

A Craze that shows no sign of stopping

Over the past couple of years the Mouse Ear craze has reached fever pitch and swept through every single Disney Park across the globe. From Tokyo to California. Paris to Orlando. You can’t walk through any one of Disney’s Parks and not witness a sea of Mouse Ears. Purple Potion’s, traditional Black and Red’s or the stunning Rose Gold’s. There are so many to choose from you really are spoilt for choice. You can purchase ears in stores at any Disney Park. In the US they start from $27.99 and there is a huge selection to choose from.

But Everyone has the same Ears. What if i I want to be unique?

Well the good news is you can. The problems with a craze is that it becomes so popular that the world and its wife end up wearing or using the exact same products. And sometimes you just want something that is just…you.

Since the popularity of Mouse Ears has increased there has been a rise in a number of small businesses offering their own Ears. These are amazing versions of Disney’s Ears that are so much more unique and can be tailored to your particular tastes. Thats the good thing about small independent businesses, they do genuinely care about their customers and the joy their products bring to each and every person. And when items are carefully handmade you know you are getting a beautifully crafted product customised for you. Yes they are not authentic Disney and believe me i do love me some authentic Disney. But these ears can be made unique to you and your style. And a bonus is they are always made with Love. No Copy-cats here. Well not really.

So here are 5 of my favourite ears and the Businesses that sell them:

Mousing Around By Jen

Jen is one of my favourite Ear creators. I came across her beautiful products when i was on a desperate search of the elusive Rose Gold Ears. And she definitely delivered. The Quality of her ears are incredible and she is more than happy to do customs for her customers. Jen uses an array of beautiful and stylish fabrics to craft her ears. Love the Disney Cath Kidston Prints? Jen has crafted some CK inspired ears and my god are they stunning. She makes every idea in your head a reality and is so helpful along the way. Service with a Smile? Always. Her ears are bright, colourful and Classy. There really is something for everyone. With so many Ears you are spoilt for choice. Go check out her ears here:

Mila Mouse                

Mila Mouse

Mila mouse ears by Joanna is another of my favourites. Joanna set herself apart from the rest with the introduction of her 3D Ears. They took Instagram by storm. They truly are unique and beautifully crafted ears. But her brilliance doesn’t stop there, not a fan of just wearing ears and want to add to your Disney outfit? Well she has you covered. Joanna also offers T-Shirts and other matching products to achieve your disney outfit goals. She also offers beautifully embroided ears if 3D ears just aren’t your thing. The Quality of her work is amazing and you really are getting a stunning pair of ears. Go check out her ears here:


Custom Mickey Mouse Inspired Ears by Tracey

Tracey and her Custom Mickey Mouse Ears are another favourite of mine that i just had to include on my List. I found Tracey when searching for a unique pair of Nightmare before Christmas ears for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. And she definitely delivered. Tracey sets herself apart with her very unique style of embroidery on beautiful glittery and Shiny fabrics. Her Ears are painstakingly detailed, colourful and just absolutely stunning. You can see how much hard work goes into every single pair. Her style is so unique and the love for her customers and coming up with something tailored to you shines through.
Go check her out over at

Imagine x Ears           

Another of my favourites is Bryce & Shan over at ImagineX Ears. Their sweet spot is their beautiful 3D Ears. Their ears are always super colourful and imaginative with a beautifully polished finish. They are some of the most amazing sets of ears i have seen. The detail of the 3D ears is nothing shortly of amazing. And not only do they offer pairs of 3D ears but they also sell interchangable sets so you can swap your design or even add a crown so you feel like a princess, whenever the feeling takes you. These really are something special.
Check them out over at

The Mouse Project

And last and by no means least and my line up wouldn’t be complete without Rachel over at The Mouse Project. What can i say, the Ears really do speak for themselves. Beautifully crafted with stunning detailling. Rachel does not miss a trick with her ears. The colours on the Floral arrangements just pop out at you and really they are just incredibly stunning. Rachel’s ears are so unique and really give everyone who wears them a really feminine feel. What i love most is that the floral arrangement on every single pair of ears is a Disney theme / character. She is also happy to take custom orders to tailor ears to the style you require.
Go check them out here:

So those are 5 of my favourite businesses carving a beautiful path in this crazy mouse ears phenomenon. If you haven’t got yourself a pair from any one of these talented Ladies then get your butt over to their pages and grab yourself an absolute steal. They really are incredible and i guarantee you will set yourself apart from the crowd.

Amy xo

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